Global Hangout | 25th March

Next Wednesday 25th of march at 19h (London Time) we will have our weekly Global Hangout Session. 

We will start with our CoDesign process with the aim to define how CivicWise, both Community and Platform will work.

This session will be specially dedicated to define our Values and Core Principles. You can add your suggestion for the meeting agenda here > 

The meeting would be online and you can watch the streaming directly from our Blog >

If you want to take part on it follow us on Google+

Help us spreading the word using the hashtag:
– use #civicwiseis to suggest values and core principles
– use #civicwisehangout to tweet live during our hangout meeting

Following some initial talks about our values and core principles.

Commitment to a vision of how things might be different, always trying to figure out the best way to make our vision come about. If we are dedicating a significant space in our lives to making change, it is important to have an idea of what we are trying to change society into.
Always be open to new lessons. Challenge ourselves and leave our comfort zone
Promote Critical self-awareness by examining our work self-critically and asks others for criticism on how it could be better
Be accountable by offering continuous feedback, creating reports and a culture of listening and self-reflection. Thinking constantly how we can be more efficient
Promote interconnectivity with other people, groups, initiatives that has the potential to change the world.
Leadership oriented toward empowering others and making everybody into a “leader”
Patient, persistent
Speaks in a language that the people we are trying to reach can understand. Try to stop using jargon
Learn about cooperation and working in a collective manner; we are here to help each other, not to compete with each other
Find a healthy, sustainable balance between the personal, social and political sides of civicwisers life
We assume our personal responsibility to act in order to transform society into a better place to live
Create an initiative that help people to improve their life balance by enjoying the process of co-creation


If you have lost our Global Presentation here you have a brief summary >

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