The CivicWise community has recently defined its values:

CivicWise is
Located: Local environments are our starting point.
Distributed: CivicWise is a distributed community based on a peer governance.
Open: CivicWise strongly believe that openness is the way to go.
Transparent: CivicWise share what we do, who we are and how we work.
Inclusive: Anyone aligned with CivicWise values can join the community.
Independent: CivicWise collaborate with like-minded organisations whilst keeping independent.

CivicWise believes in:
Glocality: CivicWise leverage on global knowledge to promote local impact.
Open knowledge: CivicWise think collective knowledge is a commons.
Digital & Spatial: CivicWise think digitally and act spatially.
Long-term impact: CivicWise believe in long-term impact over short-term deals.
Collective Intelligence: CivicWise catalyze efforts to promote collaborative synergies.