By becoming a member of CivicWise, you express your consent for our mission and values:

CivicWise is:

Inclusive: Anyone aligned with CivicWise values can join the community.

Located: Local territories are our starting point.

Open: Transparency for us is to open up our processes, resources and methodologies in order to reinforce our global knowledge and  to maintain and improve trust within and around CivicWise.

Distributed: CivicWise is a not horizontal neither vertical but a distributed network based on a peer governance.

Resilient: Thanks to the diversity of our network condition, we have the capability of adapting to and transforming contents and contexts we are working on.

Independent: We collaborate with like-minded organisations while keeping our independent position.

CivicWise believes in:

Glocality: CivicWise leverage on global knowledge to promote local impact.

Open knowledge: CivicWise think knowledge is a commons, and as an open source system, we open, share and transform our ideas upon an abundance economic system.

Physical and digital hybridization: in order to keep up our glocality and openness we hibridate our knowledge production and actions between digital and physical space allowing us to have the limitless potential of a huge number of minds thinking and working together and not losing our local impact.

Long-term impact: CivicWise values long-term impact over short-term deals.

Collective Intelligence: CivicWise catalyze efforts to promote collaborative synergies.

Permanent ‘Beta Mode’: as our values give us a limitless growing network, we are  constantly experimenting, re-defining ourselves, advocates open-ended processes and accumulates knowledge through learning by doing.

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