How to make city
with a neighborhood soul?

Fasebase together with CivicWise activating a collaborative process for territory
making in Puerto del Rosario (Fuerteventura).


Escola d'Innovació Cívica

Last October 21st, CivicWise together with Centre d’Innovació and Transeuropa
Festival made the public launch of the “Escola d’Innovació Cívica”. It was born with
the objective of placing learning processes and collective intelligence in the
neighborhoods of the city. An “Extitution” focused on research and training on
Civic Innovation and Civic Design.


Let's build 'La Participación'

An open process to build a common narrative about participation

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Hacker Residence results

Very pleased to present the work and results of the Hacker Residency, a project coordinated by CivicWise in late 2016 and launched by ParticipaLAB, the Collective Intelligence for Democracy Lab at MediaLab-Prado (Madrid)


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First CivicWise book and it brings together 90 contributions from 16 countries and 40 cities. The book is organized in four sections: spaces, actions or projects, methodologies and research

Civic Practices Book