CivicWise London re-launched & CivicWalks

The London Circle was the first CW circle and the founder of the community. Originally, it was founded by Domenico Di Siena, Pablo Sendra, Lina Algoed, Fausto Llopis, Orsola De Marco and Mark Bentley.

After a year with very little activities, Fausto, Pablo and other London Wisers—Anna Boldina and Marco Picardi—joined the Glocal Camp in Paris. Coming back from Paris, we decided to re-launch the CivicWise London Circle, establish a partnership with OuiShare UK, and plan activities.

We are happy to announce that CivicWise London Circle has been re-launched and has come back with a lot of energy. Paris Glocal Camp in May 2016 was key in bringing the London Team together again. Three CW founders, other new CivicWisers, and a new collaboration with OuiShare UK have make the circle very active.After three meetings, we have decided to go outdoors—despite London’s weather in winter—and to start a new initiative that bring us closer to London’s communities: CivicWalks.

CivicWalks consists in walking the city to meet community groups, campaigners, community enterprises around London in order to explore how the CW community can address the specific needs of the communities and to establish links with civic initiatives in London. Rather than meeting indoors to discuss about how to work on civic engagement, we have decided to walk the city and talk to community groups that are campaigning for having a say about future developments in their neighbourhoods.

The first of the CivicWalks will talk place on the 5th of November (meeting at 10:30am at Shepherds Bush Station). It is be a walk along the West Way, a flyover motorway that is planned to be redeveloped, bringing new challenges and opportunities for communities around it. The CivicWiser Marco Picardi, who has been involved in campaigns around the West Way, will guide us and introduce us to groups and campaigners.

Get it contact with us if you want to get involved with CivicWise London or would like to plan or attend a walk.

These are the Wisers that form the new London Team:

Fausto Llopis: CW founder and community organizer in Southwark.

Orsola De Marco: CW founder, placemaker currently working on tech incubators.

Pablo Sendra: CW founder, Lecturer in Urban Design at University College London and Urban Designer at Lugadero.

Carlotta Fontana: coming from the CW Paris Circle, now studying a MSc in Building Urban Design and Development at UCL.

Marco Picardi: Planner, involved in campaigns in West London.

Marielle Ulhalde: currently works in education, previously working in civic initiatives in the Basque Country.

Elena Giroli: OuiShare London Connector.

Anna Boldina: Urban Designer, involved in CW since the beginning.

Toni Rovira: Architect, currently studying a MSc in Sustainable Urbanism at UCL.

Aitor Fernandez: maker, currently completing his degree in interior design at LCC, University of the Arts London.


The list keeps growing with other people previously involved in CW like Noel Hatch, who will re-join us soon.

If you are in London and would like to get involved in CivicWise, JOIN US !


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