Mapping CivicWise Community Skills

Hello everybody!
Glocal camp is getting closer and there are plenty of activities to run during the week of the event!
We decided to map the skills of the CivicWise (CW) global community in order to know what each one of us can offer to the local actions that will be undertaken during the camp.
This is a big chance to better know each other, and most important, see what we are capable of co-creating!
This is the reason why we decided to open the mapping process to the whole CW community, also to people that are not participating in the Glocal Camp.

We consider this to be an effective way to involve all members, and receive feedback on how the community could sustain events that encourage physical encounters within the territory, as it happens with the Glocal Camp 2016 event.
Taking the best of this actual situation, we will research on the capacities of the wider CW community in order to organize and plan possible future events!
The mapping of CW skills is fundamental for catalyzing the creative integration and collaboration with the local communities (physical or digital), but also for achieving a successful result!
Regardless of whether you ultimately attend or not to the Glocal Camp event in Place des Fêtes on May, we stimulate your participation in this mapping process!
So, let’s start mapping ourselves!!! 😀
The mapping process is organized in 2 phases and in this very 1st phase, we kindly ask you to collaborate by filling in the form attached below, in order to let us know how you wish to contribute to the Glocal Camp and what kind of skills you possess.
At the beginning of May, we are planning to launch the 2nd phase of the mapping, following the same method i.e. completing a google form. This phase will be focused on the Glocal Camp and its needs in specific.
During the event in Paris we will use a “badge system” to recognize every one by his/her skills/ capacities/ self-engagement. The assignation of the badges will also be a result of the community mapping process.

Looking forward for your response!
Thank you


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