Next Global Hangout | 22nd April

The next Hangout Meeting will take place on the 22nd of April at 19h (GMT London Time).

In this Hangout we will be discussing our principles. We would very much appreciate if you could register in Discourse (a forum aimed at improving our CoDesign process) prior to the Hangout, access the #Principles channel and contribute to the discussion by suggesting principles for Civicwise, along with associated behaviours and implications. You can find a more detailed explanation of these concepts in the previous posts in #Principles and in this scheme created by @rita.

Here you can find the Agenda for the next Hangout and some basic instructions to join the meeting. Feel free to edit the document and add any topics you would like us to discuss to the Agenda.

If you want to take part on this Hangout please follow us on Google+. You can watch the streaming directly from YouTube. On the right of the YouTube page you can find a chat box. We will use it to debate with all of you.

Help us spread the word promoting the event via Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #CWhangout  We will use this same hashtag to tweet live during our hangout meeting.

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday!


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