Discussing our Civic Design Method > The OPENING step

With our previous session we started our CoDesign process with the aim to define a Civic Design Method and how CivicWise, both Community and Platform will work.

Next week we will continue with our CoDesign process with a session dedicated to define the first step of the Civic Design Method, which is the OPENING step.

The Hangout Meeting will be the 8th of april at 19h (GMT London Time)

You can found more detail about the meeting agenda here > https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QpV0J9AQJvd9G7YY7Beq_b9WTjGj5BmmUVJ-J8KwspI/edit

You can watch the streaming directly from youtube >

On the right of the youtube page you can found a chat box. We will use it to debate with all of you.

If you want to take part on it follow us on Google+

We have just launching a new tool that will improve our discussion and our CoDesign process. That tool is called Discourse. It’s a forum. Please have a look at it, and register.

This week we will concentrate on this two questions:

#PRINCIPLES | Definition, debate, selection

#OPENING | How we should start a Civic Design Process?

Help us spreading the word using the hashtag:
– use #CWhangout to tweet live during our hangout meeting

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