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It took several months but finally here we are with our brand new website. We hope you can appreciate it. This is the first version. Soon we will active new features. Now it’s time to spread the word and get CivicWise known.

Now you has the opportunity to get involved on our activities and governance.

You can choose between four different roles: Friends, Members, CivicWisers, Connectors
You can find an outline about Members at >

Friends are those who follow us on social networks or our Magazine. They participate in our activities without further long term involvement.

Members are those who want to be part of the community more actively.
To get engaged, they fill in a form identifying the communities and values they belong or relate to. From 2016 members pay a small membership fee. Members are “participants” thus they are not responsible for the activities, although their level of engagement can be very high. Members have access to all information from google drive and communication platforms, such as slack, high value newsletter and discourse.

How does one become a member?
Select membership here >

The civicwisers are the main actors in the CivicWise community. They can
act completely autonomously. They can use the brand to initiate projects and
circles. They can make money with them and can provide consulting on these
activities. However, they must commit to a very active role in the community.

The Connectors are responsible for taking care of networks and the Civicwise global
community. They are in charge of accelerating the flow of internal operations and exchange of knowledge, as well as promoting synergies, connecting projects, people and territories. They can earn money and once Civicwise has available funds the Connectors can be eligible for receiving a salary.

How to become a Civicwiser or a Connector?
First selectmembership here and fill the form >
Following you need to a public message on our debate platform “Discourse”. Here you can see an example >
In this post, one has to publicly declare that he/she wants to be a CivicWiser or a Connector and describe what kinds of projects and activities he/she is interested in developing. There is no subsequent selection process. Once the post is published, the person automatically becomes a Civicwiser or a Connector. After a six months period the respective person has to publish a report that will provide a description of the undertaken activities during this period. Over the course of this six months, the person will have to be active on Discourse and support various projects. This provides a way of sharing knowledge and values with the community. If at any time anyone believes that anything declared in the report is false, the collective evaluation will take place and decisions will be made on whether the person can remain Civicwiser or Connector.

What does Civicwise offer?
As a form of value, Civicwise provides a federated system to its members, so that the values, knowledge and reputation generated anywhere in the world will serve as a support for the development of new projects. We also aim at providing an infrastructure that simplifies the project development and generates a true P2P consulting system.

If you are interested on get involved and be member, civicwiser or connecter and you have any doubt, please write to

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