Coordinating our Communication

This week our topic of discussion was Communication. We had a “different” Global Hangout, as you can see on the recorded video. Following you have the minute of the session.


Global account:

Manager: Domenico and Orsola.


  • Information about the hangouts: before (Orsola), during, after (Domenico).
  • Replying to people.
  • Engagement.
  • Inspiration.

Create a photoshop (or similar open source software) template with image and text for announcing the hangout.

National accounts:

Managers (so far):

Italy: Saverio.

Spain: Daniel.

France: Domenico.

Catalunya: Ana.

Colombia: María.

Netherlands: Carer needed!!!


  • Translating global account into local language.
  • Some extra content.


Twitter lists:



Civic Engagement




Local authorities


Urban Praxis



We will send newsletters only when something important is happening. For updates we will use the blog. We won’t use the newsletter for announcing hangouts or anything similar.

The objective of this is to avoid sending too much information to people.

We will try to send one per month.


Monday: Announcing the hangout and promoting the topic of the week (Daniel).

Thursday: Post-hangout: minutes and discussion (Domenico).

Saturday: Highlights of the week (Orsola):

There will be a discussion on discourse about what are the highlights of the week. The deadline for the discussion on discourse will be Friday, so the carer of communication can do a summary a publish a post in the blog on Saturday. This post will include around 5 bullet points about what has happened during the week.

The all will be shared on social media.

Local physical presentations:

Prepare a text (Domenico) and slides (Pablo) for the presentation.

Brand book:

Jonathan will do the illustrations.

Pablo will do a brand book to show how to use logos, texts, how to compose slides, name cards, images for the blog, etc.


Sharing the blogs-posts (Pablo): Monday, Thursday, Saturday.

Inspiration posts (Domenico and open to anyone).

We will skip the hangout next week for having two weeks to think deeply about the principles and having a Global Hangout on Wednesday the 20th about PRINCIPLES.

Update on CivicWise development and governance

This week we had a special global hangout dedicated to update on CivicWise development and governance.

Following the minute of the session:

What is the civic design method?

is the starting point of the CivicWise adventure.
We have started to apply it to develop Civicwise itself, but haven’t yet used it in action in public spaces.

The current status of the method is applying it to the Planning stage.
The initial plan was to apply the method to develop the Civicwise platform to implement it by September. Now it seems that we should start applying it to a practical project

Rita asked:
Is technology the only way to solve engagement in the community?
Should we wait for the digital structure before implementing the civic design method?

Suggestion by Noel to use a practical project to test the civic design method by carrying out the engagement protocol for Civicwisers in their cities to use it to listen to local communities, document the insights of the issues, assets & motivations of the communities as well as how well the method was used

Fausto is working on the engagement protocol and planning a training session to learn it
Fausto and Line are identifying a neighbourhood where Civicwise London circle can apply the protocol.

People find it better to start with identity than governance.
Developing the methods and principles can help shape the identity.

Suggestion by Domenico for local circles to identify neighbourhoods where they can listen to the community, share the insights and how well the methods work


We decided to start fostering the Circles work.
(this part about Circles is added by Domenico Di Siena editing the minute to give more details, even if we haven’t talked about them during the hangout)
We have so far three different kind of circles: Local Circle, Topic Circle and Project Circle. Each circle is independent and autonomous.
Local Circles are not exclusive and representative of a specific territory, we have to understand them more as another important local stakeholder. As a result we can have more local circles in the same city or territory. Local Circles work independently and autonomously but they must not work in competition.
Topic Circles and Project Circles are representative y exclusive which means that we couldn’t have more circles for the same topic or the same project.

Is really important that the topic circles start to work autonomously and we will use the weekly session to update the rest of community about them. Each circle can use the Discourse platform, but should feel free to organise their own Hangouts.
Topic Circles can include governance, civic engagement method, principles, technology. etc…

we are using different platform with different aims: Google Drive, Slack, Discourse, Blog, Newsletter.

We are using Google Drive folder to share documents and using the same taxonomy to describe the different elements of the CivicWise process, irrespective of the platform we use.

We are using Slack for executive and real time communication. Slack is exclusively for CivicWisers that filled this form.

We are using Discourse as our main Debate and Discussion platform. Discourse is public and everyone even if is not CivicWIser can use it.

We are using the newsletter to update by mail our community about our development and project.

We are using the blog to update publicly our community about our development and project.

Structure for weekly session
1 hour for topic of the week
Rest of the hour to catch up with the rest of the circles
Get people to feedback what their group has done, what they’re going to do next and what’s blocking them
Use peer coaching method

Next week’s focus: PRINCIPLES

We need to unite the principles with their implications
Suggestion for people to put forward principles they think CivicWise should adopt, but ensure they describe not just the principles, but associated behaviours this would involve, the implications it would have on people and on the support that CivicWise could provide to help people adopt principles.

Suggestion to use Andrea’s catalogue/spreadsheet
Get people to propose
Tools/strategies that CivicWise should have/represent/do to support/guarantee that the principles are met.



Need advice on how to process money transfers and how to enable mediation between Civicwise and projects regarding financeNeed to articulate the question and then look for advice