City to City Barcelona FAD Award

In the words of Italian pedagogue Francesco Tonucci, “the city has become hostile. We dream about nature and we are afraid of the place we live in. So much so, that we lock ourselves up at home, behind armoured doors, and we avoid children going out, to protect them from dangers that only exist on TV and that don’t match with the reality of our neighbourhoods and cities”. To end with this fear and look at our streets once again, as they really are, as part of our regular lives, perhaps we need to newly learn within all of our urban common surroundings; to get back in touch with squares, parks, sidewalks, and above all, with one another. As a result, the 2016 edition of the City to City Barcelona FAD Award, which will be theme-driven for the first time and is already open, wants to focus on the concept of learning in the city. We are looking for urban initiatives promoting collective production and organization of knowledge, producing situations we can learn from. Projects which encourage collective recovery of public spaces, contemplating the complexity of places that we all use on a daily basis as richness, and social interaction as the essential engine to improve urban life.

These are the last days to participate in the 2016 edition of the City to City Barcelona FAD Award closing on 12nd of april.

Nowadays, more than half of the world’s population lives in big cities, a trend that seems unstoppable. Resolution of our great social challenges greatly depends on finding solutions in urban life. The main question is how do we make our cities better, more livable, and kinder places?

The City to City Barcelona FAD Award was born in 2008 in order to track and assess initiatives from around the globe, which proposed effective answers to these challenges. During these years, the award, developed in collaboration with the Barcelona City Council and the Government of Catalonia, has acknowledged hundreds of international projects, both big and small, which have successfully been able to improve the every day life in their cities.

In the same spirit of recognizing outstanding initiatives that enhance urban living, as celebrated by the City to City Barcelona FAD Award, one can appreciate the ingenuity and charm offered in the Georgia listings. This curated collection showcases properties that embody the innovation and cultural richness of their locales, contributing to the betterment of everyday life within the Peach State’s cities and towns. These listings not only represent living spaces but also celebrate the thoughtful design and community improvements that mirror the award-winning projects of Barcelona, enhancing the day-to-day experiences of those who call Georgia home.


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CIVIC PRACTICES · Call for Contribution

CivicWise would like to invite YOU to participate on an open publication on Civic Practices.

We seek to bring together actors, spaces, actions and research on open and collaborative urbanism and civic innovation.

If you want to contribute to this CivicWise Open Project please fill the form below.

We are looking for :




We accept contributions in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

This work will result on a book coordinated by CivicWise and published by Lugadero.

.:. 8th May 2016 .:. EXTENDED

All the received work will be analyzed, discussed and organized during the next CivicWise Glocal Camp, Paris, 16-22 May 2016.

Call form in:

This summer in Civicwise

August is a notoriously slow month. Everyone is on holiday, most offices are shut and the phone seems to ring less.

Taking advantage of this quiet time, we had the chance to focus on finishing off some outstanding tasks and developing some projects further



One of the key element to formally register a company is to establish a location.

Given that the local circle of Civicwise in Paris is developing a strong relationship with the coworking space VOLUMES working on Surplace, it looks like this place could be a good choice for the official address of our company.

That means we would create a non-profit legal structure (association) in France, but we will be able to operate internationally.

We are still working on it but we will share some updates very soon. If you have any legal experience or have registered an association in France before, please let us know.


Working with VOLUMES in Paris we are shaping some new interesting approaches to enrich Civicwise.

The collaboration with them helped us understand that the core of Civicwise activity is essentially about promoting a Located Collective Intelligence around two elements: the community and a place, called Civic Point.


A Civic Point is a local space (coworking space, living lab, innovation lab, urban centers, etc.) where people with different expertise can meet and work together to develop civic innovation projects.

Compared to the traditional model, this process is a lot more agile because it doesn’t require representatives or intermediary parties. That means people work together as citizens rather than members of groups or organizations and the space becomes the reference point of the community.

We decided to test the concept of our first Civic Point at VOLUMES in Paris. Having a physical space to prototype the idea in practice will surely help us refine it.



Several people expressed concerns about the practical challenge to start a local circle and meet face-to-face. Reflecting on it, we thought that a solution could be embrace a more flexible tool that allows people to interact more like a Facebook group.

That means that if a civic member wants to promote Civicwise in his city, he can create a Facebook group naming it Civicwise [name of the city]’, for example Civicwise Paris.

To create a stronger sense of belonging for its members, the group privacy setting should be closed and only people that might be interested in the topic should be invited – ideally someone previously met, who is aware of what Civicwise is

The objective should be quality not quantity.

The aims of the group are:

– grow local community

– create debate

– share valuable content of local and global projects tackling Civic Innovation

Only when the online local community becomes strong enough to have the capacity to support offline activity, their members can start a local circle.



Civicwise instigator Domenico Di Siena is currently developing an online course which is directly connected with Civicwise projects and mission.

The aim of the course centered around Civic Design is to foster a discussion around Civic Innovation and in particular about the idea of Civic Points. Students will be working on the definition of what a Civic Point could be and how we can develop a Network and Label for all the different Civic Points.



Civicwise lives and breathes the digital sphere. However, when it comes to build an idea and develop a project, a lack of physical interaction can become a limit.

We are therefore thinking about organising the first Civicwise Summit, a work-session with 20-30 Civicwise members somewhere in Europe, at the end of January 2016.

The idea is to get together for a couple of days, to work on Civicwise in an informal atmosphere, whilst living together and establishing personal relationships with fellow members.

To make this happen we need to find a place that can accommodate people as well as having a meeting room. Possibly cheap and in close proximity to an international airport for easy access for people coming from abroad.

How does a the idea of the Civicwise Summit sounds to you? Would you be interested in attending?



To consolidate the work of the Summit, we are thinking to host a public global event next May to meet more members of the Civicwise community and anyone interested in Collaborative Urbanism and Civic Innovation. Next May sounds like a possible date.



In order to connect all the different local communities, we are exploring the idea of setting up a European Civic Tour next summer. We would travel across Europe on a customized van turned into a Mobile Civic Point where we would work, eat and sleep. The aim would be to meet the different Civicwise communities who could organise some kind of formal or informal event and help to promote the Civic Point Network and the Civicwise community itself.



This week, Domenico Di Siena took part in the Cities for Life Global Meeting in Medellin as an invited expert.

One of the aims of the conference was to develop a platform that combines social technologies, information and communication between different cities.

While on stage, Domenico had the chance to present Civicwise and suggest it as a potential partner to help create better connections between citizens.


As you probably realised, there are lots of things on the plate for the upcoming months and we can’t wait to start developing them.

To start with, next Wednesday 9th we’ll be back with our weekly hangout, so if you want to find out more about how we are going to unroll all these ideas, come and join us 9pm European time.

Civicwise presentation at Urbanistas London

Last Wednesday we had the pleasure to present Civicwise at the Urbanistas London.

Urbanistas is a women-led network empowering collaborative people to act and do “urban” in more social ways.

Very much like Civicwise, Urbanistas work is based on collaborating, sharing and positive actions that help make everyday life better in cities for everyone.

The presentation was followed by a very insightful conversation about Civicwise next steps of the project and in particular what is the best legal form for the organisation, which will be the topic of our next Hangout.

Thanks Urbanistas for hosting us and the all the wonderful women in the room for their ideas and advises!

A journey has started

Last Wednesday 4th March we launched our kick-off event where 45 curious attendees gathered to embrace CivicWise from the very beginning. We designed an event with colours and shapes, wine and nibbles, friendly people and positive messages, all in a once deserted office space in Central London that enabled the conversation to start.

That space was fruit of our collaboration with IITINSPIRATION, who managed to secure such an amazing environment for a pop-up adventure. That was our first proper partnership.
On the day, we were gifted with the presence of people who provided a warm and critical advice on how we can move things forward together.


People talked about ways of creating, designing and coding collaboratively in a very open and relaxed way. It was a brainstorming event where the ideas where flowing from the blank canvas to like-minded people conversations.

Some questions we heard:
How data can be used to improve civic projects?
How Sharing problem solving can speed up the learning experience?
How Pitching ideas around the challenge would help navigate a community through civic projects?
Soon we will be editing the videos and analysing the “Big roll” to share what was produced on the day.

The more we open the innovation process, the richer in talent and resources the community became, speeding the process of development.

So if you want be part of this you have plenty of ways and opportunities. Let us know how you would like to be involved. Please fill this form >


Now the wave is rising, we need to make sure it has consistency. To do so, we are organising WEEKLY WORKING (global) HANGOUT and a MONTHLY NEW COLLABORATORS (Local) MEETING where we will update our work to the newcomers.

We will start with the weekly video-hangout sessions on the 18th of March with a global streaming kickoff event starting at 8pm (London time).

You can watch live the presentation directly from our website.
If you want to take part on the discussion follow us on Google+ and let us know.