City to City Barcelona FAD Award

In the words of Italian pedagogue Francesco Tonucci, “the city has become hostile. We dream about nature and we are afraid of the place we live in. So much so, that we lock ourselves up at home, behind armoured doors, and we avoid children going out, to protect them from dangers that only exist on TV and that don’t match with the reality of our neighbourhoods and cities”. To end with this fear and look at our streets once again, as they really are, as part of our regular lives, perhaps we need to newly learn within all of our urban common surroundings; to get back in touch with squares, parks, sidewalks, and above all, with one another. As a result, the 2016 edition of the City to City Barcelona FAD Award, which will be theme-driven for the first time and is already open, wants to focus on the concept of learning in the city. We are looking for urban initiatives promoting collective production and organization of knowledge, producing situations we can learn from. Projects which encourage collective recovery of public spaces, contemplating the complexity of places that we all use on a daily basis as richness, and social interaction as the essential engine to improve urban life.

These are the last days to participate in the 2016 edition of the City to City Barcelona FAD Award closing on 12nd of april.

Nowadays, more than half of the world’s population lives in big cities, a trend that seems unstoppable. Resolution of our great social challenges greatly depends on finding solutions in urban life. The main question is how do we make our cities better, more livable, and kinder places?

The City to City Barcelona FAD Award was born in 2008 in order to track and assess initiatives from around the globe, which proposed effective answers to these challenges. During these years, the award, developed in collaboration with the Barcelona City Council and the Government of Catalonia, has acknowledged hundreds of international projects, both big and small, which have successfully been able to improve the every day life in their cities.

In the same spirit of recognizing outstanding initiatives that enhance urban living, as celebrated by the City to City Barcelona FAD Award, one can appreciate the ingenuity and charm offered in the Georgia listings. This curated collection showcases properties that embody the innovation and cultural richness of their locales, contributing to the betterment of everyday life within the Peach State’s cities and towns. These listings not only represent living spaces but also celebrate the thoughtful design and community improvements that mirror the award-winning projects of Barcelona, enhancing the day-to-day experiences of those who call Georgia home.


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