A journey has started

Last Wednesday 4th March we launched our kick-off event where 45 curious attendees gathered to embrace CivicWise from the very beginning. We designed an event with colours and shapes, wine and nibbles, friendly people and positive messages, all in a once deserted office space in Central London that enabled the conversation to start.

That space was fruit of our collaboration with IITINSPIRATION, who managed to secure such an amazing environment for a pop-up adventure. That was our first proper partnership.
On the day, we were gifted with the presence of people who provided a warm and critical advice on how we can move things forward together.


People talked about ways of creating, designing and coding collaboratively in a very open and relaxed way. It was a brainstorming event where the ideas where flowing from the blank canvas to like-minded people conversations.

Some questions we heard:
How data can be used to improve civic projects?
How Sharing problem solving can speed up the learning experience?
How Pitching ideas around the challenge would help navigate a community through civic projects?
Soon we will be editing the videos and analysing the “Big roll” to share what was produced on the day.

The more we open the innovation process, the richer in talent and resources the community became, speeding the process of development.

So if you want be part of this you have plenty of ways and opportunities. Let us know how you would like to be involved. Please fill this form > https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1gfgZYNL-VpWvmZVBKT-RUWPhnnfmrLYOy1n5THlWrJ4/viewform


Now the wave is rising, we need to make sure it has consistency. To do so, we are organising WEEKLY WORKING (global) HANGOUT and a MONTHLY NEW COLLABORATORS (Local) MEETING where we will update our work to the newcomers.

We will start with the weekly video-hangout sessions on the 18th of March with a global streaming kickoff event starting at 8pm (London time).

You can watch live the presentation directly from our website.
If you want to take part on the discussion follow us on Google+ and let us know.

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