Glocal Camp | Call for documentarian

The CivicWise community is organizing a participative events taking place in Paris from the 16th – to 22nd of  May:The Glocal Camp

We will invest a square in Paris for a 7 days  festival of specials events :

  • performance,
  • conference,
  • workshop
  • and  of  course parties !!

entirely co -design  and co-making  from people coming  from all around the world  and people coming from just behind the corner.

Locals and Globals, working together to build our civic place, to exchange ideas, to share experiences.

We would like to record and tell this story throughout a Documentary, that’s why we are looking for people passionate and involved to join our community and to participate to this project.

If you love to deal with video camera and want to get involved to this project join us!
Connect with us by facebook (, twitter @glocalcamp or by our contact form.

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