Workshop AIPC Pandora, Valencia

Workshop developed by CivicWise for AIPC Pandora and its foreign students. Dedicated to introducing basic knowledge elements of the city and territory for foreign students in Valencia. The workshop addressed criteria for reflection of young citizens, who start from their concerns and address strategies that awaken all the senses to urban perception

Roundtable “Citizen Synapses”

In Madrid, several initiatives and institutional projects are being carried out with the aim of developing citizen participation. This activity is produced in each case with different resources and approaches, producing theoretical reflection and heterogeneous learning, which at the moment is perceived as dispersed.

The Madrid circle of CivicWise works in the connection of actors and the fixing of ideas and concepts; in thinking and developing tools that enable these connections, “synapses”, with a dual purpose: reflection and dissemination.

A space for debate-conversation is organized for this occasion around the Technologies of Participation, that is, the set of dynamics, methodologies and tools of participation that are able to involve the digital space as well as the physical and the territory.

The main question we ask ourselves is: How can we localize and link with the territory the digital participation?

We connect for this purpose the initiatives of: Decide Madrid (Pablo Soto), Experimenta Distrito (Lorena Ruiz), Coctell-Mesa Territorio (Raquel Congosto) and Residencia Hacker (Pascual Pérez and Luís G.Sanz).




The experiential educational program Colegio Miguel de Cervantes of Brazil is a program of urbanism and youth social entrepreneurship for adolescents from 13 to 15 years old promoted by AIPC Pandora.

Program Description

During the walks, students learned to see and understand cities from the concept of “Smart Cities”, experimenting with an approach in which the city adapts to people and not the other way around.

They visited different projects and carried out small urban intervention actions, getting to know the city from another point of view. Madrid is a reference city in this type of initiatives, the context of the last decade of economic crisis and youth unemployment really mobilized young people, who from their neighborhoods launched many community projects that have transformed in many aspects the city of Madrid, providing services that the administration stopped providing, generating participation and improving coexistence. Part of the activities of this program were developed in Impact Hub, a reference center for innovation and social entrepreneurship in Madrid.

The program was structured in 5 mornings in which young people were introduced to social entrepreneurship methodologies that were linked to the recognition of public spaces as an intelligent space according to the needs of citizens. The different projects that served as inspiration to create proposals were presented in a clear and dynamic way, which were presented at the end of this phase and will be discussed in groups.

In collaboration with: Pez Estudio, Punto Jes

Research “La Participación”

Editorial project called “La Participación”. An open research process to think and reflect on citizen participation. What are the tools that build it? what new roles are needed? what are its methodologies? We don’t know, that’s why we invite you to build it together. It is an open debate, what we do know for sure is that participation is learned by participating.

Civic Innovation School

Civic Innovation School is an International Extitution structured as a Distributed Network that promotes Collaborative Learning Environments focused on Civic Innovation, Collective Intelligence, Open Design, Civic Engagement.

Consultancy Cabildo Gran Canaria

The island of Gran Canaria assumes, given the times in which it lives, the challenge of creating and promoting new ways of innovation for the generation of public policies and spaces for citizen collaboration. An example of this is its platform Participa Gran Canaria, a digital participation platform for the opening of new channels for debate, proposals and citizen decision-making.

Participation is the open will to be part of the construction and management of a common resource, but also an opportunity for the exchange of knowledge, experiences and knowledge. An anomaly in the current relationship contexts for co-learning. A possibility generated in a common way to imagine collectively.

This document is written with the aim of setting the main ideas, needs, challenges, opportunities and/or improvements that emerged during a day of workshops focused on the co-diagnosis and the promotion of the Participa Gran Canaria platform, within the framework of the last Glocal Camp event organized and coordinated by the international network CivicWise.

The document, far from presenting closed solutions, aims to present the diversity of concerns, the multiplicity of challenges and the immensity of opportunities that could be heard, seen and built during the aforementioned open working day, together with neighbors, neighbors and technicians of the public administration last April 6, 2018.

It is not therefore a simple presentation of results or the completion of a process, but the generation of one more piece that enables the continuity and improvement of the Participa GC platform within the complex and long road ahead.