Roundtable "Citizen Synapses"


In Madrid, several initiatives and institutional projects are being carried out with the aim of developing citizen participation. This activity is produced in each case with different resources and approaches, producing theoretical reflection and heterogeneous learning, which at the moment is perceived as dispersed.

The Madrid circle of CivicWise works in the connection of actors and the fixing of ideas and concepts; in thinking and developing tools that enable these connections, “synapses”, with a dual purpose: reflection and dissemination.

A space for debate-conversation is organized for this occasion around the Technologies of Participation, that is, the set of dynamics, methodologies and tools of participation that are able to involve the digital space as well as the physical and the territory.

The main question we ask ourselves is: How can we localize and link with the territory the digital participation?

We connect for this purpose the initiatives of: Decide Madrid (Pablo Soto), Experimenta Distrito (Lorena Ruiz), Coctell-Mesa Territorio (Raquel Congosto) and Residencia Hacker (Pascual Pérez and Luís G.Sanz).