Atelier Da Rua #Curitiba · Assembling 1 pilot project


Atelier Da Rua is now preparing one serie of initiatives to bring this civic project to the ground in Curitiba, Brazil.

The starting point will be the next CivicWise Glocal Camp in Paris (mai’2016) that will be the stage for multiple and open discussions on CivicWise projects and Atelier Da Rua is one of them.  Thus we want to discuss widely about it and in this context, the development of the pilot project in Curitiba will be “on the table” !

With Atelier da Rua and CivicWise support,  the  Piloto #Curitiba is a workshop that will collectively score and solve some urban problems with professional support, collective initiatives based on private and public partnerships. Atelier da Rua Piloto #Curitiba aims to fill the gaps between the needs and the rights of citizens in a urban space.

To bring the Atelier Street to Curitiba, we intend to:

  • use the Glocal Camp CivicWise in Paris, to share and develop know-how around the ATELIER DA RUA;
  • promote social and human relations and develop CivicWise channel in Curitiba;
  • explore new lines of research and projects related to open and collaborative urbanism, civic innovation and collaborative economy;

It will happen in two steps:


phase # 01: Going to Glocal Camp  a Civicwise initiative that takes place in Paris between 16 and 22 May, in an open and public space.

There, together with CivicWise and Atelier da Rua,  we will define dates, times, location in Curitiba, budget and other partnerships about  Atelier da Rua Piloto #Curitiba.


phase # 02: realization of the project Atelier da Rua Piloto#Curitiba;

This pilot project will be an ATELIER DA RUA prototype.


CivicWise is a global organization that seeks the participation and engagement of citizens for the defense of an open, accessible and collaborative


If you want to know more, or if you wish to contribute and participate to this world wide project, take a look on:

– our crowdfunding campaign:
– our CivicWise web page :

For other videos and brief projet story go to

And be welcome to connect with us on
facebook (, twitter (@AtelierDaRua), or by mail (

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