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Hello everyone,

After the long post last week, this time it’s going to be a short update. Enjoy!

The topic of this week’s hangout was Principles. We discussed the first drafts that people shared on Discourse. We want to finish the work by next week so please share your thoughts and ideas on Discourse by Monday 15th. On Tuesday 16th 10am-12pm (GMT+1) we will host a Hangout to summarise the different suggestions and finalise the draft. Let us know if you want to participate.

We have a great news here! CivicWise is taking part in a neighbourhood project to find ideas to regenerate Place des Fêtes, a square in the North-Est of Paris. Every Wednesday during the whole month of July, CivicWise will be out there in the square, talking to the local residents and engaging with the space. Watch out for the CivicWise stall if you are around and stop by to say hi.

As we highlighted last week talking about the governance, people can join CivicWise both as individual and as an existing organisation.

On this spirit, Paola Buttiglione e Luigi Reggi from Monithon, got in touch because they are interested in expanding their project abroad and were considering to possibly partner with CivicWise. Monithon was born as an independently developed initiative to promote the citizen monitoring of development projects funded both by the Italian government and the EU. Citizen monitoring of these projects is possible thanks to a combination of open government data and citizens’ collaboration, joined by the goal of controlling how the projects are progressing, and whether they deliver actual results.

We think it’s a great idea and are looking forward to continue the conversation with Paola and Luigi. Who knows, maybe they’ll become a thematic circle soon.

Have a great weekend!

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