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Hello everyone,

This is what happened this week in the CivicWise world.

//GOVERNANCE// the topic of this week’s hangout
After the success of the teamwork for defining our values collaboratively and efficiently, we decided to apply it to governance as well. We held two sessions, one on Tuesday and one on Thursday to discuss the Governance Matrix.
As you probably recall from last week’s summary, we decided to add the prefix civic to friends and members but agreed that a distinction between civicmembers that are individuals and those who are organisations is not necessary.
The main change to the previous draft is the introduction of a three-layers structure of circlesnetworks, and community. We previously presented the topic of circles here. Circles are always independent and autonomous. Networks are groups of two or more circles, related to each other by either location or topic. Differently from circles, networks are not independent. Their role is to better connect and coordinate circles together. Taking local circles as an example, residents of a neighbourhood getting together to improve their area would create a local circle. There is no limit on the amount of circles a city can have. However, there will only be one network for every city, representing all the circles located in that city.
The sum of all the networks is the CivicWise community.

The content for the matrix is almost done but we need your help to finish the following tasks before 1st July, which is our deadline to define the content and start working on the visual representation.
– rename Civicwise Executive with a friendlier term
– do a language check – hello English native speakers out there, we need YOU
– verify the distinction between ‘Activities’ and ‘Commitment’ (what you CAN do and what you HAVE TO do).

Please write your contribution on Discourse or comment directly on the Google Drive document (to add a comment for a specific box, insert the cursor in the related box, then click Insert/Comment).

Do you remember we mentioned that the CivicWise Paris circle was taking part in a neighbourhood project to find ideas to regenerate Place des Fêtes, a square in the North-Est of Paris? That time has finally arrived!
The first rendez-vous will be on the 1st July in the square. See a preview of what you can expect in the photo below. To find out more details, check the topic on Discourse (in French) or the pinned post at the top of our Facebook page (in English).
Whether you take the Metro, cycle (it’s one of the highest points in Paris, so if you are coming from the centre get ready for a proper workout), or walk, we are looking forward to meeting you there.



Every now and then we come across competitions we think would be interesting for the CivicWise community. This week Saverio mentioned ‘Europe 2020’, calling for proposals to foster civic engagement and cities networking. Check it out here (the text is only in Italian, I am afraid) and get in touch if you have any idea how this could apply to CivicWise.

Have a great weekend and see you next Saturday with another weekly roundup.

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