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Happy summer solstice everyone!
We hope you have some amazing plans for the longest weekend of the year. But before you head out of the house enjoying the looong days, here is this week’s roundup.

After months of drafting and tweaking, we finally have the final version of our values and mission- previously called principles. You can see them here. Thank you to everyone that contributed. If you would like to see the entire conversation, give a feedback or simply comment, reply to the thread on Discourse.

//GOVERNANCE//  the topic of this week’s hangout
We discussed about the first draft of the Governance matrix, reflecting on the different roles (civicfriends, civicmembers, civicwiser, civicwiser executive), the layers of information each group gets access to and tasks they can overtake.
Some interesting points came up during the conversation: do we need to distinct between individuals and organisations in each group? Should the two categories get access to slightly different information – for example by charging a higher membership fee in case a civic member is an organisation? Will that allow us to better manage possible paying-partnerships or will it instead create more confusion?
If we apply this distinction, it will probably only apply to civicfriends and civic members. That’s because it is quite unlikely that an organisation could overtake the role of civicwiser, considering the time and commitment required.
What do you think? Should there be a difference between individuals and organisations/companies if they join the CivicWise community? How would you rename the horribly corporate, ehm boring civicwise executive??? We need a new name for it! Have your say on Discourse.
Next week we will meet to summarise all the contributions and finalise the draft – probably Tuesday or Wednesday. Give us a shout if you want to join the activity.

It might be the passionate people involved or maybe the hot summer sun, but the Barcelona circle is burning! Joined by Domenico who was in town for a couple of days, they met and discussed about organising regular meet-ups on civic engagement and participation. Fantastic news! If you are in Barcelona and would like to know more about it, reach out to them in the Barcelona group on Discourse.

That’s all for this week. Enjoy the weekend!

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