Workshop AIPC Pandora, Valencia

Workshop developed by CivicWise for AIPC Pandora and its foreign students. Dedicated to introducing basic knowledge elements of the city and territory for foreign students in Valencia. The workshop addressed criteria for reflection of young citizens, who start from their concerns and address strategies that awaken all the senses to urban perception

Civic Factory Fest

Civic Factory is an urban festival that took place in November 2016 in La Marina de València. For a month we prototyped the Civic Factory concept developed by CivicWise, which involved the activation of this building, former base of the America’s Cup Race.

A Civic Factory is understood as an intersectoral civic space for the common design of the city. Through different formats, based on Collective Intelligence and Civic Innovation, it promotes the generation of proposals with a positive impact on the city. From the Civic Factory, collaborative dynamics are promoted that lead the different agents that make up the city (institutions, private sector, academia, civil society, …) to share their resources, knowledge, skills and experience with the city to respond to the problems of the city.

In June 2017 Factoría Cívica won the Social Innovation Award of the City Council of Valencia. Since 2018 Factoría Cívica has been tested in different cities, among them Valencia en Colector. Internationally the different Civic Factories are grouped in the Civic Factory Network, driven by CivicWise.

Nou Servef

Nou Servef is a process for the re-definition of the Valencian Employment Service through the involvement of its entire ecosystem. It is a pedagogical process that focuses on experimenting spaces, tools and participatory methodologies that accommodate new dynamics within the entity. This approach allows the entity to generate new horizontal communication spaces, where to find specific improvement fields, work on them and implement them through the joint work of all the people close to the entity: internal staff, citizens, companies and collaborating entities.

NouServef won the NovaGob Excellence Award for the best Open Government initiative.
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Escola d’Innovació Cívica

EIC is a process of civic innovation that aims to build an inclusive and open space for meeting, collaboration and learning from which to undertake actions and multi-sectoral collective projects with impact on the neighborhoods of Valencia. EIC wants to build a space of opportunity from which to open relational capital of the city through the acceleration of collaboration between people and initiatives for the commons.

Glocal Camp Editions

The annual and itinerant meeting CivicWise community use to meet and work together for a few days.

Begining in may 2016 in Paris, CivicWise community had developed six editions of Glocal Camp:

1st Paris, France
2nd Valencia, Spain
3rd L’Hospitalet, Spain
4th Canary Island, Spain
5th Modena, Italy
6th Ariège, France / Madrid, Spain (Online Edition)

Gallery of pictures from past events

Civic Practices

Civic Practices Book is the first CivicWise book and it brings together 90 contributions from 16 countries and 40 cities. The book is organized in four sections: spaces, actions or projects, methodologies and research.

Civic Practices have always existed. The most primitive forms of urbanization emerged from self-organised communities to address their needs. Civic Practices are not new, but new opportunities are emerging in this context of post-2008 Global Financial Crisis. The aim of this book is to contribute to compiling initiatives, claims, campaigns, actions, projects, pieces of research, methodologies, participatory and co-design processes that are happening all over the world to create communities of practice, of Civic Practices.

The content of the book is multi-lingual. In order to make this publication as inclusive as possible, each author or group of authors has written in its own language. The preface and introduction are written in English.

Civic Design Book

This book wants to show that there are new ways to understand and transform territories.

A compilation of projects, reflections, and research that has been carried out from the Civic Design Course since its first edition in 2015.

New learning and design scenarios

We are in a moment of transformation of what academic means. Leaving behind its traditional perception as the context in which to elaborate, transfer and communicate knowledge, this book speaks of the evolution towards an appreciation of experiential, personal and collective learning located in the territory.

These learnings are under constant revision as a result of their resilience and permeability to the contexts in which they are generated.

Civic Design focuses on civic projects, like projects related to citizenship understood as a political collectivity; it is applied to achieve collective solutions designed for the good of a community.

Civic Design proposes to reach the expected solutions through processes or methods, enabling relationships and strategies based on the collaboration of many people located in their specific territories. So we are talking about an idea of Design with the ambition of generating Civic Innovation.

The results can be Services, Spaces, Relationships, Systems, Tools, Devices, Methods, Processes, Strategies, Policies, Audiovisual Content and Mobile Applications.