Civic Design Book

Academy / Publications

This book wants to show that there are new ways to understand and transform territories.

A compilation of projects, reflections, and research that has been carried out from the Civic Design Course since its first edition in 2015.

New learning and design scenarios

We are in a moment of transformation of what academic means. Leaving behind its traditional perception as the context in which to elaborate, transfer and communicate knowledge, this book speaks of the evolution towards an appreciation of experiential, personal and collective learning located in the territory.

These learnings are under constant revision as a result of their resilience and permeability to the contexts in which they are generated.

Civic Design focuses on civic projects, like projects related to citizenship understood as a political collectivity; it is applied to achieve collective solutions designed for the good of a community.

Civic Design proposes to reach the expected solutions through processes or methods, enabling relationships and strategies based on the collaboration of many people located in their specific territories. So we are talking about an idea of Design with the ambition of generating Civic Innovation.

The results can be Services, Spaces, Relationships, Systems, Tools, Devices, Methods, Processes, Strategies, Policies, Audiovisual Content and Mobile Applications.