It’s been over two months since we had the CivicWise Kick off event in London. Since then, the CivicWise community has grown and now we are nearly 300 people working on the project worldwide.

While the global network is growing, we would like to reinforce the “London Circle” by bringing together everyone who is interested in the project and taking about the next steps.

It will be an informal meeting at The Hoop and Grapes pub in Aldgate at 7pm. It’s a great chance to see each other and to talk about where the project is going and what kind of local actions we could do.

The event will take part in the OuiShare Fest 2015 as a Sattellite Event, meaning that we will find out more about what is going on in Paris in the main event. It is a good opportunity to share ideas with a community that has many things in common with us.

Sign up on Eventbrite and join us!

Civicwise presentation at Urbanistas London

Last Wednesday we had the pleasure to present Civicwise at the Urbanistas London.

Urbanistas is a women-led network empowering collaborative people to act and do “urban” in more social ways.

Very much like Civicwise, Urbanistas work is based on collaborating, sharing and positive actions that help make everyday life better in cities for everyone.

The presentation was followed by a very insightful conversation about Civicwise next steps of the project and in particular what is the best legal form for the organisation, which will be the topic of our next Hangout.

Thanks Urbanistas for hosting us and the all the wonderful women in the room for their ideas and advises!