Glocal Camp Editions

The annual and itinerant meeting CivicWise community use to meet and work together for a few days.

Begining in may 2016 in Paris, CivicWise community had developed six editions of Glocal Camp:

1st Paris, France
2nd Valencia, Spain
3rd L’Hospitalet, Spain
4th Canary Island, Spain
5th Modena, Italy
6th Ariège, France / Madrid, Spain (Online Edition)

Gallery of pictures from past events


#OvestLab is a former mechanical workshop located in the Villaggio Artigiano of Modena Ovest, co-managed by the associations Amigdala and Archivio Architetto Cesare Leonardi to promote a process of construction of a civic factory, a space in which to share practices and reflections around the reactivation of the territory of the Villaggio Artigiano of Modena Ovest.

The space is managed in agreement with the Consorzio Attività Produttive Aree e Servizi of the Province of Modena.

#OvestLab is a Civic Factory where art, craftsmanship, urban regeneration and citizen participation are intertwined.

It is a multidisciplinary center in which training activities, artistic production, urban transformation and care of spaces can interact, starting virtuous circles able to increase the quality of life in the area and restart a dialogue with economic activities, engaging at the same time the local community in processes of change.
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