Mestura Puerto

Mestura is a public framework of municipality collaboration that provides the necessary conditions for the development and community strengthening of Puerto del Rosario (Fuerteventura) through 4 key areas: (1) the empowerment of communities, (2) the promotion and accompaniment of community projects, (3) the activation of a network of public infrastructures as spaces for social, urban and rural transformation and (4) the creation of mechanisms for sharing resources. These 4 areas make up the “Mestura Ecosystem”.

The creation of this Ecosystem has 5 purposes or strategic lines:

  • Create a common work infrastructure, digital and face-to-face, to provide citizens with tools for social and urban transformation.
  • Promote networking of local communities to generate participatory culture, entrepreneurship networks and mutual support in the municipality of Puerto del Rosario.
  • Encourage the collaborative construction of the territory to generate roots and a sense of belonging.
  • Strengthen the public-social relationship to facilitate self-management and autonomy of the associative fabric and the ecosystem of active agents in the municipality.
  • Develop public innovation actions to involve the administration in the social transformation of the island territory.

How Mestura helps you: GET TO KNOW the map of community initiatives to find out who is working on topics and projects of your interest and where to find them. CONNECT with your neighbors in the neighborhood centers or through different forums of communication and debate. ORGANIZE or attend in-person or digital events and activities through the common agenda. COLLABORATES with other people to promote initiatives or achieve common goals. LEVERAGE and exchange resources and knowledge with the Mestura community to accelerate your community projects.

A context where we learn to organize ourselves collectively to help each other, take care of each other and have greater capacity for action and decision on our environment.