This is important: read this notice carefully before log in

We’re turning on the Single Sign On (SSO) system for Civicwise’s Discourse ( and the main Civicwise website ( one single user to participate in both spaces.

What do you have to do to use this SSO?

It depends on your situation:

  • If you don’t have neither a Discourse or accounts. Go directly to to sign up. These credentials will allow you to log in both and
  • If you have a Discourse account but not a one. You need to sign up in using the same email address that you used in Discourse. Then you can log in in both spaces using these new credentials.
  • If you have a account but not a Discourse one. Nothing to do! Your account is now valid to log in in Discourse too.
  • If you have both a Discourse and a accounts. You need to check that the email address in both accounts is the same. If not, change the email address in your account. DO NOT TRY TO CHANGE DISCOURSE EMAIL.

Once you have made the necessary changes you can log in in both spaces using your account. With the new system it is mandatory to use your email address to log in; username is not valid anymore to log in.

If you have any doubts or question you can ask it in #cw_d_infrastructure channel in Slack.