Collaborative Urbanism Meetup


The CivicWise Paris Circle, is experimenting an interesting local meeting format.
Is mush-up between a workshop and lecture format.
The duration is 2h. The session is structured in three different sessions.

Any session has four part:
1 – Presentation
A guest or member of CivicWise presents a particular project related with Civic Innovation and Collaborative Urbanism. This a very short presentation lasting no more than 5 minutes. The presentation should finish with a precise call for action, for the assistants.
2 – Workshops
Following the instructions defined previously by the call for action the assistants organise themselves on little workgroups (no more than 6 people per group). During 20 minutes they work togheter trying to solve the problem proposed.
3 – Sharing
With this last part all the groups share the results and the proposals developed during the workshop session.
4 – Networking
Get connected with the participants.