CivicWise is a Distributed, Open and Glocal Community. Everyone can join us.

Individuals can have 3 levels of involvement within Civicwise. They are Members, CivicWisers and Connectors.

Members are individuals who identify themselves with the CivicWise mission, values and culture, and actively contribute to community activities, such as events, projects or online discussions.

CivicWisers are the active members that put our mission into action day by day. They are community and/or project leaders who active ideas, people and organizations around the collaborative urbanism and civic engagement. They participate in the co-creation of the CivicWise strategy and take part in decision-making processes.

Connectors are the highly members who run the organization on a day-to-day basis. They execute the strategy co-created with the CivicWise community. They are aware about the wide range of projects the CivicWise community is developing locally and globally and connect them for real. Connectors take care of the community and take action to federate the global knowledge and experience and use it for local action.


Our Governance is based on: Communities Project, Circles and Networks.

Communities are groups of people who exchange knowledge on a subject. They may be local or global. These are mostly online communities that using Facebook groups as a communication platform.

The Projects are seen as concrete actions.

Circles appear when a community starts to develop projects. Circles can be inclusive and not exclusive. I.e. they should aim at engaging new members, however at no time, may this hinder other circles from being generated.

The networks are sets of circles. They are inclusive, but can also be exclusive. Once a network has been built on a topic or a territory, a similar network cannot appear anywhere else. The role of the network is to promote communication and exchange between the circles and coordination in complex projects where more circles are involved.

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