#CIVICMARATHON para promover la edición del libro CIVIC PRACTICES

Uno de nuestros principales objetivos es crear un archivo y un mapeo de proyectos, acciones, espacios e investigaciones existentes que puedan considerarse como referencia en el ámbito de la capacidad de acción de la ciudadanía, el urbanismo colaborativo y la innovación cívica.

El primer paso para construir este archivo es la edición de un libro que hemos titulado Civic Practices. Para financiarlo hemos empezado una campaña de crowdfunding en la plataforma goteo.

Si quieres ser de los primeros en tener una copia de este nuevo libro, lo primero que tienes que hacer es visitar esta web y contribuir en la campaña. Antes de final de año recibirás directamente en tu casa una copia nueva flamante. Además si vives en España el envío es completamente gratuito.

CONTRIBUYE A LA CAMPAÑA Y CONSIGUE TU COPIA DEL LIBRO AQUIhttps://www.goteo.org/project/civic-practices


También puede interesarte contribuir participando a la convocatoria abierta para los contenidos del libro. Hasta la fecha ya se han recopilado unos 50 proyectos. Con el objetivo de ampliar al máximo el espectro y dar cabida a más casos, la convocatoria para contenidos se ha ampliado hasta el 21 de junio.

Si mantienes un estudio o una actividad relacionada con el urbanismo, la participación, la acción social u otras actividades relacionadas con la ciudad y el territorio quizás te pueda interesar patrocinar este proyecto. Con aportaciones superiores a los 300 euros añadiremos tu logo en el libro para que sea muy visible y reconocible.





Para promover la campaña de crowdfunding estamos organizando un maratón en streaming para este domingo 5 de junio. El maratón tendrá lugar entre las 12h y las 16h (hora de Madrid).

Durante el maratón queremos conocer de primera mano los proyectos que ya se han presentado a la convocatoria y posiblemente descubrir nuevos proyectos.
Más información sobre la sesión en el evento de facebook > https://www.facebook.com/events/1550770328560059/

La sesión será principalmente en Español y en Inglés.

Si quieres participar, por favor rellena este formulario > https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Y47QPwSgmTQvIm2rE_9tXjttM85n6uopS6y1NwdjD18/viewform



¿Do you know what we will do during the Glocal Camp?

The Glocal Camp is not just a meeting… it’s really a long collective work session….
We need to define together what projects and what themes we will work about.

Right now we are defining a provisional schedule of the different workshops.
So far we have: Civic Spaces, Civic Economy, Civic Tech, Governance….

There is space for much more subjects so it’s important that any participant could propose new ones.

You can propose it using our platform Discourse.


Credits image: Cinema Usera by Todo por la Praxis


Glocal Camp | Registration and Provisional Schedule

Glocal Camp is approaching!!!!
We are very close to see our big efforts becoming reality!!!
It is time now to think more about what to expect from the camp and how we will enjoy it.

If you are coming please register as soon as possible.
With the form we will ask you to let us know your expectations, but also your needs and preferences concerning accommodation.


If you are coming and you don’t have accommodation we may can help you.

There will be two options: A venue near the Place des Fetes where will be the Glocal Camp, that has 20 sleeping places and the local volunteers’ homes, that have kindly offered their house to the foreigners CivicWisers. If you want us help you with accommodation is really important that you REGISTER as soon as possible.

——- >>>

We are working hard to make a provisional event planning.



Mapping CivicWise Community Skills

Hello everybody!
Glocal camp is getting closer and there are plenty of activities to run during the week of the event!
We decided to map the skills of the CivicWise (CW) global community in order to know what each one of us can offer to the local actions that will be undertaken during the camp.
This is a big chance to better know each other, and most important, see what we are capable of co-creating!
This is the reason why we decided to open the mapping process to the whole CW community, also to people that are not participating in the Glocal Camp.

We consider this to be an effective way to involve all members, and receive feedback on how the community could sustain events that encourage physical encounters within the territory, as it happens with the Glocal Camp 2016 event.
Taking the best of this actual situation, we will research on the capacities of the wider CW community in order to organize and plan possible future events!
The mapping of CW skills is fundamental for catalyzing the creative integration and collaboration with the local communities (physical or digital), but also for achieving a successful result!
Regardless of whether you ultimately attend or not to the Glocal Camp event in Place des Fêtes on May, we stimulate your participation in this mapping process!
So, let’s start mapping ourselves!!! 😀
The mapping process is organized in 2 phases and in this very 1st phase, we kindly ask you to collaborate by filling in the form attached below, in order to let us know how you wish to contribute to the Glocal Camp and what kind of skills you possess.
At the beginning of May, we are planning to launch the 2nd phase of the mapping, following the same method i.e. completing a google form. This phase will be focused on the Glocal Camp and its needs in specific.
During the event in Paris we will use a “badge system” to recognize every one by his/her skills/ capacities/ self-engagement. The assignation of the badges will also be a result of the community mapping process.

Looking forward for your response!
Thank you

FILL THE FORM HERE: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ItdjXhAwY7kfVjW87IMVV4-ORkWY7SQ0FRJ_5xO5lgk/viewform

Semana Cívica en Madrid

CivicWise nace en 2015 en Londres gracias al esfuerzo de un pequeño grupo de personas. Se presenta como una comunidad dedicada a servir de soporte para la puesta en marcha de iniciativas ciudadanas. Dicha comunidad trata de favorecer el empoderamiento de las personas sobre su propio territorio a la vez que sirve como conectora glocal permitiendo que los proyectos generados de manera local puedan nutrirse y/o servir de guía de otros procesos que suceden a escala global.

CivicWise Madrid nace con la voluntad de servir de “connector” en esta red glocal y se instala como grupo de trabajo en Medialab-Prado, apostando por la gran capacidad de este espacio para facilitar las sinergias entre las iniciativas existentes que ya trabajan en la filosofía del “procomún”.

Actualmente la comunidad de CivicWise se encuentra trabajando sobre los conceptos de tecnología cívica, economía cívica y red de espacios cívicos, a la vez que prepara la primera acción de gran magnitud sobre un espacio público: el Glocal Camp, que tendrá lugar del 16 al 22 de mayo en París. Con este motivo se convoca la llamada Semana Cívica, que constará de encuentros, debates y talleres sobre los temas citados y la presencia y coordinación de Domenico di Siena, los grupos de trabajo de MediaLab e invitados.

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CivicWise at Sharing Lille, France

CivicWise takes part to the Sharing Lille (France) on Thursday 21st of April. This event aims at spotlighting players who invent city of tomorrow by promoting sharing and collaborative approach! CivicWise will host a stand to present different projects developed by civicwisers and run a workshop to bring forward citizen experiences as a user expertise.

More info > http://www.sharinglille.com/

City to City Barcelona FAD Award

In the words of Italian pedagogue Francesco Tonucci, “the city has become hostile. We dream about nature and we are afraid of the place we live in. So much so, that we lock ourselves up at home, behind armoured doors, and we avoid children going out, to protect them from dangers that only exist on TV and that don’t match with the reality of our neighbourhoods and cities”. To end with this fear and look at our streets once again, as they really are, as part of our regular lives, perhaps we need to newly learn within all of our urban common surroundings; to get back in touch with squares, parks, sidewalks, and above all, with one another. As a result, the 2016 edition of the City to City Barcelona FAD Award, which will be theme-driven for the first time and is already open, wants to focus on the concept of learning in the city. We are looking for urban initiatives promoting collective production and organization of knowledge, producing situations we can learn from. Projects which encourage collective recovery of public spaces, contemplating the complexity of places that we all use on a daily basis as richness, and social interaction as the essential engine to improve urban life.

These are the last days to participate in the 2016 edition of the City to City Barcelona FAD Award closing on 12nd of april.

Nowadays, more than half of the world’s population lives in big cities, a trend that seems unstoppable. Resolution of our great social challenges greatly depends on finding solutions in urban life. The main question is how do we make our cities better, more livable, and kinder places?

The City to City Barcelona FAD Award was born in 2008 in order to track and assess initiatives from around the globe, which proposed effective answers to these challenges. During these years, the award, developed in collaboration with the Barcelona City Council and the Government of Catalonia, has acknowledged hundreds of international projects, both big and small, which have successfully been able to improve the every day life in their cities.

FILL THE FORM HEREhttp://fad.cat/citytocity/

City_Eng (1)

CIVIC PRACTICES · Call for Contribution

CivicWise would like to invite YOU to participate on an open publication on Civic Practices.

We seek to bring together actors, spaces, actions and research on open and collaborative urbanism and civic innovation.

If you want to contribute to this CivicWise Open Project please fill the form below.

We are looking for :




We accept contributions in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

This work will result on a book coordinated by CivicWise and published by Lugadero.

.:. 8th May 2016 .:. EXTENDED

All the received work will be analyzed, discussed and organized during the next CivicWise Glocal Camp, Paris, 16-22 May 2016.

Call form in:

Glocal Camp | Call for documentarian

The CivicWise community is organizing a participative events taking place in Paris from the 16th – to 22nd of  May:The Glocal Camp

We will invest a square in Paris for a 7 days  festival of specials events :

  • performance,
  • conference,
  • workshop
  • and  of  course parties !!

entirely co -design  and co-making  from people coming  from all around the world  and people coming from just behind the corner.

Locals and Globals, working together to build our civic place, to exchange ideas, to share experiences.

We would like to record and tell this story throughout a Documentary, that’s why we are looking for people passionate and involved to join our community and to participate to this project.

If you love to deal with video camera and want to get involved to this project join us!
Connect with us by facebook (http://facebook.com/glocalcamp), twitter @glocalcamp or by our contact form.

Glocal Camp CoDesign Open Call

CivicWise is a distributed and open community. It’s mission is to empower citizens by fostering collaborative urbanism, promoting civic innovation and inspiring better civic engagement.

Started in January 2014 in London, CivicWise is now a non-profit organization (registered in France) which has rapidly evolved from a handful of enthusiasts to a global movement in dozens of countries.

Now it’s time to meet, debate and make stuff together. It’s why we decided to organise the first CivicWise Open meeting that will take place in Paris (France) in may.

The meeting will be an important moment to consolidate our community and start new collaborative projects.

So far we defined four goals:

  • social and human connection
  • develop a real project on the ground in paris
  • discuss about civicwise organization and future projects
  • discover new amazing researches and projects around Collaborative Urbanism and Civic Innovation.

We want to design the event openly and collaboratively.

If you are interested on take part on the open design process of the event please fill this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/140P3XO0XtxBiVDQLkdxGTubb0EW7fXqoz3EO4mitkA0/viewform